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Unzip the attached file "App + Guide for Installer problem.zip", and you will get the application and solution guide to resolve your installation problem.


Brief about Installer


To install an application, CyInstaller will install a bunch of MSI files and each MSI will have its own unique registry entry. Before installing MSI Window will check that registry entry related to MSI should not be available in system registry entries and if it is available, then Installer will not proceed and will show message that this product is already installed in system.


Why Registry entries are available in system if these are unique?

  1. Software which only can be updated from one version to new version will have same registries, so that no two instances of software should be available in system at a time like two version of PSoC Programmer cannot exist in a system so PSoC Programmer will have same registry entry. If un-installation of previous version of software is not successful then it will leave some registries which will not allow installing the new release of software.
  3. If installation process hangs and we stops the installation in between then also some registry entry may remain in system which will not allow installation when you will install the same software again.

Solution for Registry related installation problem


Registry entry is only partially available in system so name of software will not appear in “Add or Remove programs” of operating system.


We will have to manually delete all the registry entries related to particular software in which we are facing problem. We have an application which can be used to remove the registry entries of Cypress software.


How to use this app?

  1. Get the name of software and version at which installer hangs and is giving error. CyInstaller can installer many software at a time like if you are installing PSoC Creator, then it will install Creator + Programmer. So in installer window check the name of software at which installer is pointing error. It will show a green arrow on the software with which it is facing problem.
  3. Run the application “RegistryRepairApplication.exe”
  5. It will show the list of all Cypress registries available in system
  7. Click on “Create Log” button
  9. It will create a “CypressLogFile.log” in the same folder where you have saved application
  11. Open the file “CypressLogFile.log”
  13. Search for the name of Software which is causing problem and also check the version of software.

    Note Search the name of software and also check the proper version of software. For example if you are facing problem in Creator 2.2, then do NOT delete the registry of Creator 2.0 or any other version.

    In case of PSoC Programmer delete all registries related to Programmer.

  15. Note down all the numbers of registries and display name
  17. Go to the application and check all the number which you have noted down and check they do have same Display name also.
  19. Click on Delete button
  21. Click on “Yes” button to confirm. Now, it will delete the registries and application will show the all remaining Cypress registries. You can check that total number of Cypress registry will reduce after deleting the registries.
  23. Now, delete the software file from hard disk. To get the location of software, you can check the “CypressLogFile.log”. Check the registry entry which you have deleted and it will have “InstallSource” and “InstallLocation”, go to that path and delete the whole base folder of that particular software.

    Delete the whole “Programmer” folder. Path is shown below:-

    Now, you should be able to install the software properly.
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 This does not help. My PSoC Installer still claims there is a version still installed on my computer. This App does not detect any installations.


Why is this a problem?


Hello PSoC_User_BD,


Attach the log file post created by the app with the post.


We will check the details.

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I had found this previously and tried it. It did not help.

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The PsoC installer in my system is creating the same issues. Are you still facing the same issues, if not then please provide me the solution for this.






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