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 I recently ran into a problem when trying to share a project with a co-worker here that I thought might be easily resolvable if I could get the feature added to next release of Creator.




Specifically the "Additional Include Directories" under the Compiler configuration doesn't currently allow for relative paths to be used.  I even tried manually editing the .cyprj file to force this (which caused Creator to crash during compilation) to no avail.  




Would it be possible to add the ability to use relative paths for these include directories?  Trying to use any Creator project between more than one person becomes quite difficult, especially so when the code is stored in a revisioning system(i.e., CVS/SVN and the like), as every time someone different wants to use the project they must update the include directories to reflect their PCs file system.




Thanks, hopefully this is a relatively minor change...(horrible pun)





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Sorry I missed your post until today but, yes, this issue is getting addressed in the next (and last) beta release, which is imminent!


-- mgs