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I am searching for a solution or guide, how to setup PsoC Creator (or other IDE or VSCode) on Windows 10 and OpenOCD/GDB running on Linux. I have connected the MiniProg4 Program and Debug Kit CY8CKIT-005 on remote Linux system. I also established a connection between the computers.
Is it even possible? If not, please let me know how you would establish connection from the above-mentioned configuration.

I look forward to your reply,

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Hi @akrupaa ,

You can have a look at this thread, Visual Studio Code setup for PSoC5 with PSoC Creator 'embedded', to see how to setup PSoC Creator in Visual Studio Code. This thread is currently open and you can post any queries you have there as well.
As for the remote debugging , I am not too sure in case of PSoC Creator but there might be a way to configure the GDB in visual studio code as per the document GDB-and-OpenOCD so that you can debug remotely.
But if you were using ModusToolbox, then this configuration would have been a lot easier as you can set the remote target IP address etc in the debugger tab in 'Debug Configurations' as shown below:


In case of PSoC Creator, the steps and commands mentioned in 'Config Options' field in the above image will have to be created by you in a script by providing the target and interface files for open OCD to recognize your device on remote side.
Porting a ModusToolbox project to VS Code is also very simple unlike PSoC Creator.