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Hello PSoC 1 Enthusiasts


I'm pleased announce that the new version of PSoC Designer is available for immediate download!        



We've added new SmartSense user modules that are especially useful in home appliance products, as well as a host of new features to make PSoC Designer easier to use than ever. For example, you've often asked us for the same type of auto-complete capability that you have in Visual Studio and other IDEs. Well, we got it done! The PSoC Designer code editor now supplies auto-complete suggestions when typing reserved words, variables, functions and even user module API calls.

Is there a user module you'd really like to have, but isn't in our catalog? Well, now you can design your own! PSoC Designer 5.4 gives you full control of your user module's configurable hardware and firmware, as well as any kind of graphical interface you want to put on the front end. You can easily share these new user modules with other members of your team via the import/export capabilities of the tool.

We've also included a new example code browser along with 15 new example projects. The new ScanSAR user module allows you to measure any number of voltages (at the pins and internally) without having to manually configure the ADC or analog muxes. Finally, the IDAC user module provides the first programmable current source for PSoC 1 devices.

All these new features, higher performance and a number of fixed bugs - this is an upgrade you don't want to miss. To get PSoC Designer 5.4, please go to and download the installer. Alternatively, if you already have PSoC Designer 5.1 or later installed on your machine, you can invoke the Cypress Update Manager, and you will see a download option there.

Enjoy! And please let us know what you think.

Paul Clark

Product Manager - PSoC 1 Software

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