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PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2 and PSoC Programmer 3.13 are now released through CyInstaller and website               www.cypress.com/go/psocdesigner.


The PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2 release has added the notable features:

•    SmartSense_EMC User Module Support for CY8C20xx6AS devices.
•    Ovation ONS II LP, LPNAV User Module support for CYONSFN3050 devices.
•    Expanded LINS User Module Support to CY8C29xxx Devices.
•    Support for the CyInstaller v2.1
•    PSoC Designer Live Landing Page
•    Numerous defect fixes
•    Ease of Use Improvements


PSoC Programmer 3.13 release has added the notable featuers:

•    Patch programming support for FX2 based programmers (example, FTK3/5)
•    Improve JTAG programming algorithms
•    Update to the Miniprog3 firmware
•    Touch Tuning Bridge Firmware update
•    Support for Bridge Control Panel v1.3 which adds bar graph charting capabilities
•    New Device support which includes numerous new Touch devices.

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