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I am trying to establish basic USB communication between my board pSoC5LP and a c# application on visual studio.

As you can see in the attached files. My target is to verify if my soft is able to make 1 reading (switch SW2 state) and 2 writings (led SW1 state and led SW1 pwm duty cycle updating).
I starting thanks to your example AN82072 that I modified a bit (no LCD display and no adc readings).

On my windows 10 x64 host PC, the application works very well as expected.

When I try to use it on another host pc, windows 7 x86. Something strange is happening : once the psoc program is downloaded on the psoc5LP (exactly the same program than when it works on the other pc), I connect it with microUSB and a strange message appear in psoc creator : "Warning Number of Bytes to read is bigger then Input Report Try to Upgrade Firmware". Also the phenomen when I use the App is I have to click several (randomly) times on "Upgrade" button so that the change comes into effect on the LED".
I tried to "upgrade firmware" in utilities page on PSoC Programmer application but nothing evolved... the kit prog is state to the date (version 2.21) !

However, my input report_count and report_size values (in USBFS function) are 8 so I don't understand why this warning...
Could you help me please ?

By the way, I saw you tell on other questions that the CyUSB library is obsolete on windows 10 but the fact is it works very well on my windows 10 x64 PC. And this warning appears just when I try the project on my windows 7 x86 PC...
SO what's going on and what does this warning really mean ?

Thanks, I really look forward to hearing from you,

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Hi @AntoineBoubou ,

As far as I know the warning that you are observing in PSoC Creator should not be dependent on the device connected. Warning in PSoC Creator report unusual conditions in project that might indicate a problem, although you can usually build the application regardless.

Can you try doing the following:

1. Do not connect any device to PSoC Creator, configure the USBFS project as done in the application. Apply the changes. Build the project. Notice if you observe the warning and let me know the same.

2. Connect the programmed PSoC5lp device but do not open the USBFS component configurator. Let me know if you observe any error in this case.

Thanks and Regards