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Here is my experience with PSoC Creator 4.1

I was mostly encouraged to switch by release notes that promised "improved single step debugging" and updated components

My project has a custom board with peripherals ( magnetometer, accelerometer, etc) and a 224110-00  BLE

-Install  and back up existing project went without issues.

-Same for updating the components that were out of date.

-Got multiple compile errors in the code that uses the I2C component. The API signatures changed. A timeout_ms value was added to all calls and the read byte call now takes a pointer to the byte and returns the status code

While somewhat annoying to fix - I understand that this is an improvement that makes the code more robust and prevents deadlock situations  (which I actually saw myself with my peripherals)

However the next hurdle proved to be a show stopper.

The debugger cannot detect  my board in the MiniProg3

PSoC creator 4.0 and PSoC Programmer detect it just fine.

Tried multiple computers (all Windows 7) and multiple USB ports.

Unfortunately I don't have much time to experiment with the tools and had to roll back to 4.0 update 1 so I can continue with my  work.

I would appreciate some suggestions/feedback



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