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Hi all,

I've got a fairly minor issue with PSoC Creator 4.1.

I have a project information text (.txt) file I use to keep a text change log for projects.  I normally code in a "dark" theme as I find it easier on the eyes.  I'd like to have the text editor in Creator do have the same color scheme (or at the very least just a dark background with white text).

I go to the Tools>Options>Text Editor>Fonts and Colors menu and select "Other" for the file type.  I choose a different background color, a dark grey, and this works fine when I hit apply.  However it looks like adjusting Item Foreground color does not have any effect when hitting Apply, and even restarting Creator after changing the setting doesn't apply it.  See the attached screen capture, you can see the text color does not match the settings:


Is this a known issue?  Something wrong only with my setup?  Fixed in 4.2?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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