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I'm working with the CMSIS DSP libraries on a PSoC 5LP. The CMSIS lookup tables need a lot of program space (~93% of flash used with only minimal application code), so I decided to enable 'link time optimization'. This punched the flash usage to below 10%.




Now, I want to use functions like sprintf() etc, but this throws me the 'issue 1' error described here:






So, even if the knowledge base article is tagged for PSoC 4, the solution posted at the end of the article also applies to PSoC 5LP:


disable LTO for Cm3Start.c file. This adds only ~1.5% percent to the flash usage, so now I'm at ~10% flash usage, but at least the application compiles without errors.


Hope this will help other users if they encounter the same problem.





  • Please remove the PSoC 4 tag of the KBA - it seems that this error also applies to PSoC 5LP.
  • Also please review the KBA statement which states that the LTO settings will be removed on PSoC Creator 3.2 and later. I'm on  3.3 SP1 ( and still have those options. Please note: I'm glad that those options are still there, otherwise I'd have to manually remove unused data from CMSIS files - some kind of a No-Go.
  • Please review support case #3160570872 to see why 'remove unused sections' isn't enough when using CMSIS - it seems LTO must be used also in this case, otherwise CMSIS will use most of the available memory.
  • Also note that the KBA is missleading regarding the solution: the statement 'To resolve this issue in PSoC Creator 3.1 or earlier, turn off LTO for...' is posted for issue 2 (PSoC 4 related), but the same solution also applies for issue 1 (at least the project compiles without errors...).








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Hello Ralf,




Thank you for providing these feedbacks, we had forward this to appropriate team.