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Rolf Nooteboom helped develop a technique for writing and compiling firmware for PSOC5 on Linux and Macintosh (and Windows).  The overall system uses the free VSCode from Microsoft, the ARM compiler from ARM itself, some of the Modus Toolbox work Cypress put into previous versions of ModusToolbox(tm).

The upside to his work is the entire project's build finishes in seconds on Mac or Linux vs. minutes natively. (The minutes is when building under Windows using Creator).  I was able to take his work and stumble into modifying it for using a KitProg (as well as kitprog 2 or 3).   The pattern for the project directory was also changed, making it easy to use as a template for future projects, and with FreeRTOS.  (Yes, a complete FreeRTOS rebuild takes seconds on a Mac.)

I wrote several blog posts on this at socmaker.com.  My guide for coding/compiling on Linux (which is built on the previous blogs) is at https://socmaker.com/?p=1119 .  You have to create the schematic with PSOC Creator first.  (I use a virtual machine running windows 7, 64 bit to accomplish this.)  Then finish with the firmware development on your native O.S.

Previous posts at socmaker.com cover the Macintosh side.  Enjoy

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