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Has anyone used openOCD with the PSOC?  In the changelogs for openOCD it indicates it has support for kitprog now.  I just don't have the clue for using it under Macintosh or Linux just yet.


I've been looking around to see if anyone has made it work. 


Now that Cypress is starting to move to allowing other IDE use, I believe that all but the schematic design work can be done on the mac, using something like Intellij Lion, Eclipse, or even PSOC Creator with wine.


I used CrossOver Mac, and launched PSoC Creator under the CrossOver wine port, and compiled.  However it does not handle the debugger (understandable!), and the schematic capture crashes and burns each time.


I use VMWare, so this is not critical, but it would eventually be nice to have working.  I have written apps for all platforms (windows, mac, linux, ios, android), but I am full time PSOC designer now.   I'm open to suggestions (and part time renumeration <smile>).

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