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Not quite the right place to post this, but I didn't find a better one.




I just tried to post a (bit lengthy, as usual) message when I wanted to insert as a last cosmetic brightener a smiley. A window popped up, no contents inside and a not-functioning "Cancel" button. I could neither close nor ignore that window, so my elaborate was gone, too sad, it was a good one.




I'm quite sure it has to do with any of my secutity settings of the used Internet-Explorer (9).


Same behaveour for spell-checking, anchor; the font-changings works, they do not open another window.




Happy editing



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 I'm also facing a lot of site errors,the most irritating one being comments on the PSoC Insider blog.It just  pushes half a page of  errors at me whenever I try to comment,and needless to say,the comment too doesnt go through.