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Hello to all of you.

I have seen some discussion elsewhere on this issue but not in here.  I tried what the other discussion said and it did not work.  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.  Here is what is happening: I am running Win 8.1 64 bit with all the latest and greatest updates.


I downloaded and installed PSoc Creator 4.2.  Oh, BTW, just after the install finished, I was asked to register the software,  I put in my email address and my password and it did not like it.  Then I tried my username and password and it did not accept that either.  So I just hit register later.  Not sure why that is happening.  I have no trouble signing in to the website.  Any ideas about that would be appreciated.  Anyway,  Here is a snapshot of the PSoc environment:


The other item that I was told to install was the USBSerialSDKSetup.exe.  When I did, I get this message:


If you click on the download link, it takes you to a page that is no longer there.  So I decided to install the Kit software from the website named CY8CKIT04942xxSetup.exe.  When the setup runs, I get this message:


So I install VC++ 2008 SP 1 redistributable and reboot the computer and try installing the package again.  Same error.  I go to control panel to verify it is really there and it is.  See below:


Later I installed the 64 bit version just to be sure I did not miss any steps and got the same results.  Based on what I am seeing the install app should have accepted the 2010 or the 2013 version of VC++ but did not.  So I can not install the kit examples or any thing else in that package for this dev kit.  Again, any ideas would be greatly appreciated on how to get past this.

Finally, I decided to view the pdf's for the assembly, pcb layout and schematics for the 4200 dev board.  The assembly and the pcb layout pages in the pdf are blank but the schematic is visible.  Not sure why this is the case but at least I have a chance at trying to get this dev board up and running.  At least the Host Manager sees the COM port for the dev board so all may not be lost if I can create some kind of app I can load into this board.

On a side note:  When the Update manager runs after installing PSoc Creator 4.2, I got a reported Network error even though I was attached to the Internet.  Here is a copy of the screen:


Again, any suggestions why this is occurring would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Anks,

That did get me past the VC 2008 redist issues with the install applications.  Much thanks for that.  However when I try to verify the boot loader  in the kit board I am still seeing the image below:


Any ideas why?  I am pressing and holding the button to get the fast blinking light.  But I am not loading the application project and being setup for transfer into the target mcu.


Hello Allen,

Can you please open another new thread for this Bootloader issue. It will help us in better tracking of issues.