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I'd like to know if there is a way to manage multiple hardware targets in PSoC Creator?


i.e. without having to duplicate the full project, I'd like to:


1) re-use the same code & schematic but have different pin-mapping configs.


2) build for multiple target-cpu's (within the same psoc-family), preferably using the same binary.


example: I'd like to run the same code on both the main 5LP on a CY8KIT-059 & the KitProg CPU. Since they are slightly different, the boot-loader will not accept this. So I'd like to know if there is a way around the explicit cpu-definition in the bootloader component.




Thanks David

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AFAIK none of this is possible. Especially the latter: since all of the internal hardware routing heavily depends on the actual MCU, you cannot easily use the same binary for different hardware.


Ping team Cypress,

any ways to do this? I believe the actual contents of a 128KB vs 256KB .hex is really 1:1 for the same cpu.

would be fantastic if we could get support for:

- bootloader supports multiple bootloatable targets (within the same cpu family)

- there is a way to have multiple build-targets to generate "-L478 -L489" hex files from within the same project

best david