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When creating a new project via Creator 4.2, in Select project type page, there are Target kit, Target module and Target device. What are the differences between them? Are they three different ways to describe one same PSoC module? When should I use Target kit, Target module and Target device?

Say we are using CY8C5467AXI-LP108, what should I choose in the page? 

Or it does not matter, as long as I Device Selector after project is created, right?



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  • Target Kit refers to a MCU demo/evaluation kit such as a CY8CKIT-050, or one of the USB Easy-PD (CCGx) kits, like this CY4531 CCG3 Kit.  This option will make sure the correct part is selected for the targeted kit.
  • Target Module refers to CYBLE bluetooth modules (afaik, that's all that shows up on my list.  I've never used this option).
  • Target Device refers to a specific PSoC (such as your CY8C5467AXI-LP108).  This is what you want to use if just creating a new blank project for a target part.

Yes, the device can be changed after the project has been created.

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