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I'm trying to use project CapSense_Tuner_EZI2C02 on my CY8CKIT-062-BLE to tune the board's proximity sensor.

I've tried the following

  1. Add the proximity sensor to the project on CapSense's configuration on TopDesign.cysch;
  2. Set proximity sensor pin to P8.0;
  3. Build the project;
  4. Flash the board;
  5. Start CapSense Tuner by right clicking CapSense on TopDesign.cysch, and then clicking "Launch Tuner";
  6. On CapSense Tuner, configure I2C as following:
    1. I2C address: 8;
    2. Sub-address: 2-Bytes;
    3. 3.3 Volts;
    4. ON;
    5. I2C Speed: 400kHz.
  7. Hit "Connect".

However, I get the following error message: "Checksum mismatch for the data stored in the device and the data loaded to the Tuner (expected: 0xC3C2, obtained: 0xA7DC). Make sure the chip is programmed with the correct hex file and communication channel configuration is correct."

It is important to note that everything works perfectly when I don't change anything (proximity sensor not added).

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I was able to to make it work by creating a new CapSense_Tuner_EZI2C project in a new workspace.

Apparently, something happened in the other project/workspace that prevented me from using the proximity sensor.

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