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Cypress Update Manager is a component of PSoC development products. When you install PSoC Creator or PSoC Programmer, etc., it will be automatically installed and appears in your Windows Start Menu. It’s a tool for managing all PSoC products.

Users could run into a situation that he needs Cypress Update Manager to be uninstalled or reinstalled. In this case, users might find it hard to uninstall Cypress Update Manager, because it doesn’t appear in Apps & Features in Windows Settings.

This is because Cypress Update Manager is installed as a hidden component in Windows, so it won’t appear in Apps & Features. And kindly note that, directly removing the installation directory of Cypress Update Manager won’t get it uninstalled, because it’s a registered software in your system and doing so will cause you many problems.

To truly uninstall Cypress Update Manager, please follow the steps below. And the steps below also help with the case that you accidentally delete the whole installation directory of Cypress Update Manager and find no way to reinstall it.

  1. Go to the system folder “%windir%\installer”, then right-click on the column names and select "Title".
  2. With the help of the new column "Title", locate the msi file that has the title "Cypress Update Manager Installer", and you will find that you have and only have one msi file with that title in this folder (but the file name will not be the same as the following picture shows, because it's auto-generated).
  3. Right-click on the msi file, choose the 3rd item "Uninstall", and then permit and fire the operations coming to you.
  4. After the uninstallation, the msi file you just used should disappear, which implies the uninstallation has been executed successfully.
  5. If you need to reinstall Cypress Update Manager, try to reinstall PSoC Creator or PSoC Programmer, etc., which includes the installer of Cypress Update Manager and the installation will have Cypress Update Manager side-installed. Cypress Update Manager is not a stand-alone software and you won’t find the stand-alone installer of it.
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