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I recently downloaded and installed PSoC Designer 5.3 which I had to do manually because it was not (yet) offered by Cypress Update Manager.


The "auto route" - function is VERY helpful especially when there are diversions of the signal necessary to use.


Designer 5.3 is remarkably slower than the previous versions, can there something get improved?


Another point I've seen is: When scrolling, zooming and panning the cursor-symbol does not change immediately. As an example: in the former version pressing the crtl-key shows a "+" cursor immediately, with ctrl-shift a '"-" cursor and when pressing the alt-key you immediately get a hand-cursor. This works differently in 5.3 and this way is not better than before.




I like to see all the new components provided with the new version, a real enrichment for us developers!





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Update manager notified me yesterday of 5.3 upgrade available.








Regards, Dana.

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        I have been liked the Designer5.3 so much. Schematic viewer was improved in a detail, We can choose a good scale finely zoom ratio changing, Internal connection view can see finely, can see easily understood. It may be slower than before, probably because it has testing of user modules.  Needless to say, new user modules and PLT are useful.