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This problem can occur while installing PSoC Creator, PSoC Designer or PSoC Programmer. When CyInstaller rollback without showing any error message, follow these steps to find the root cause:-


1)    First of all, go to “Event Viewer” in Windows


a.    Go to “Control Panel”


b.    Select “Administrative Tools”


c.    Open “Event Viewer”


2)    On the right pane, click on Windows, and select Application


3)    Search for the Information about CyInstaller and check the reason for abrupt rollback of Installer available in Details tab.


4)    If error is because of unavailability of some font like Arial, than copy the Arial font or that particular font from internet in your Windows Control panel in Font section.


5)    Now start the installation again.

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Are you a Cypress employee in disguise? Such topics belong to the knowledge base, not to the forum (at least when nobody is asking about them).

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I am using Cypress products from past many days.


I faced these errors while using Cypress products and got the solution from Cypress via techsupport cases.


Few benfits of posting these in forums:-


1)  If someone will search any error on Cypress website, he/she will get link of these forum posts as a search result.


2) After looking at post, he/she will atleast get some starting point to solve issue.


3) Although I cannot create KBs and yes, KB also makes sense. But I don't find any harm in posting these as forum posts as well, till the time KB is not available, forum post will help users.


Let me know your thoughts about this?