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Hi -


Maybe everyone else knew the solution, but I couldn't find it in the forum.


I wiped my laptop back around the holidays and installed a clean Win 10 Pro. Then installed a clean Creator 3.3 CP1. There is a chance I skipped some approval dialog accidentally.


Today I needed to use my MiniProg3 for the first time and Win 10 failed to find the a driver so both Creator and Programmer refused to work. I searched the forums to no avail. I had noticed something about 3.3 SP1 not showing up in updater. So I downloaded it and installed it. Still no joy.


I browsed around the cypress installed tree and found a drivers directory in the programmer sub-tree and a couple of windows batch files: driver and DriverUI. I clicked on 'driver' and it installed the drivers and now everything is working fine.


So just a heads up if anyone else runs into this problem.





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I recently updated to Creator 3.3 SP1 (not CP)