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Cypress is committed to publish excellent Application Notes. We have rewritten, improved and restructured a number of Application Notes. I will introduce several of these new and improved AppNotes here in the PSoC Designer Forum.


If you ever worked on a longer term project, software is like a gas, it will always fill every memory cell available. Once the space is full, new important requirements come in. Now it's time to either upgrade to a larger size memory or downsize the existing code. Although we at Cypress are happy to sell you a device with more memory but we also want to show you options how to reduce your code size. Be aware that minimized code size might also have an impact on portability of your design. For more details, I recommend to download and study the Application Note AN60486 - PSoC® 1 - Code Optimization of PSoC 1 Project when using ImageCraft Compiler




The focus of the application note is on features specific to the ImageCraft compiler that can be modified to optimize code.


"Size does matter!"


Cheers, Robert

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BTW, this was really well written and provided some good information on optimization.




Tom Moxon