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I had work some weeks on a SD Card interface module for PSoC 3, the module is not stable yet, i get read and write operations, read operation work always fine, but write operation sometimes corrupt the file system. In this post you can find a binary hex file to program the PSoC 3 module in the CY8CKIT-001. The firmware contains a test program for any sd card capacity, the test program list the directories and files on the root directory, no write operation is implemented in the test program to avoid cases where any sd card could be damaged. All the information is transmited using the serial port in the development kit, working at 115200bps.


To get the test program working and dont damage the SD Card the development kit MUST be working at 3.3v. The SD Card pins can be conected directly to the pins of the PSoC. The pin conection im using looks like this:


SDCard DO pin to P0(1)
SDCard SCK pin to P0(3)
SDCard DI pin to P0(4)
SDCard CS pin to P0(6)


RX to P1(6)
TX to P1(7)


Get the program running is easy, you only have to program the PSoC 3 device, plug the RS232 port to the PC open a terminal, push the reset button and the directory listing will start.


Im sorry that source code is not avaliable because a commercial project is being developed using the module im creating, i hope psoc creator comes soon with the SD Card module by default, will be nice to have a customizer for easy configuration.




Victor Andres

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 Hex file can be found here: