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I just purchased a CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE and found this example project ...


with the accompanying pdf


I am using the CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE ble module the to do a transparent ble bridge

IE to send whatever comes into the UART RX to the ble central device in this case a phone and sending whatever comes from the phone to the UART TX

is the CE222046 example the best way to do this? I am having trouble programming the board as well not sure if it is because the program is incompatible or the kitprog3 on the CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE board is not compatible with PSoC creator 4.2

I do not have the MINIprog I just connected the board to my windows 10 pc via the usb mini port on board.

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It's fine to port CE222046 to CYBLE-416045-EVAL EZ-BLE.

Just choose the target device of GATT_Out project as CYBLE-416045-02, and fit the LED pins to proper pinout for this module. There would be no error shown during building process, with PDL3.1.0 integrated.

The onboard KitProg3 together with PSoC Creator 4.2 can get the programming done.