emFile, eMMC 8bit wide, and general BSP Question

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I am working with BSP CY8CPROTO-062-4343W and emFile_Filesystem example application. I used the BSP assistant to modify the base BSP to our Part Number CY8C624AAZI-S2D44 which is essentially the same PN as the Base BSP but different package (CY8C624ABZI-S2D44). I am trying to improve my understanding of ModusToobox Workflow which frequently mystifies me from one example application to the next and one version to the next. 

  1. Regarding Device Configuration and Relationship to BSP

I have generally found that no matter which BSP I pick or which application I pick resources are assigned "aliases" or "defines" in the device configurator but are seldom activated and/or selected via the check box. Take for example this PIN/LED resource :


Yet the project builds and programs and runs. In some cases if I activate the resources in the device configurator the project errors out and in some cases builds but does not run. How and why is this case? What is the point of the device configurator if the defined/assignments are taken care of else where? I have not been able to make the leap from device configurator aliases / defines to the generated source files? I see the defines in the generated source files but why do they get defined if they were not activated in via the device configurator? 


  1. Similar theme and/or question regarding the emFile example. I would like to use an eMMC with 8 bit width. The out of the box example uses 4bit NOR. To use the 8 bit width I need sdhc_1 because sdhc_0 does not support 8 bit wide on our part no. You can see once again the resource was reserved by the file and then magically configured some where some how in some other part of the code architecture. 


I can navigate the emFile/Segger code and configurations no problem and even setup the data structure for 8 bit wide etc... but still no clear path from the emFile hardware to the Device Configurator etc... How do I make sure or "pass sdhc_1" to the emFile ? I saw the Makefile USE_SD_CARD=1 but that does not seem to map back to sdhc_1 in any way that I can find. 





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Please refer to this link process: https://community.infineon.com/t5/ModusToolbox-General/ModusToolbox-2-3-0-Create-Custom-BSP-Issue/td...

And I upload a document about MTB which describe how to create your own BSP. 

After reading this material, if you still  could not build your own bsp, please let me know.





While my question may appear related to creating a custom BSP that is not really what it is asking and the response and material provided does not really address any aspects of my questions. We have a custom BSP so creating a custom BSP is not the ask. It has to do more with the behavior of the BSP and the Device Configurator as well as when resources are marked/checked as active or inactive even on standard Infineon provided BSP out of the box. 


Also, the link provided references MTB 2.3 and we are using 3.0. Should I infer that the import automation has not been integrated since 2.3 to 3.0? i.e. is the link shared still applicable to MTB 3.0?