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I'm working with Mbed Studio 6.1 and CY8CPROTO-062-4343W on a project with MBed OS 6.2

Following the sample code of the HAL documentation I created the following functions:

#include "mbed.h"

#include "cyhal.h"

#include "displayThread.h"

bool timer_interrupt_flag = false;

cyhal_timer_t timer_obj;

static void isr_timer(void *callback_arg, cyhal_timer_event_t event)


    (void) callback_arg;

    (void) event;

    /* Set the interrupt flag and process it from the application */

    timer_interrupt_flag = true;



cy_rslt_t initPeriodicTimer()


    cy_rslt_t rslt;

    const cyhal_timer_cfg_t timer_cfg =


        .compare_value = 0,                 /* Timer compare value, not used */

        .period = 999,                      /* Defines the timer period */

        .direction = CYHAL_TIMER_DIR_UP,    /* Timer counts up */

        .is_compare = false,                /* Don't use compare mode */

        .is_continuous = true,              /* Run the timer indefinitely */

        .value = 0                          /* Initial value of counter */


    /* Initialize the timer object. Does not use pin output ('pin' is NC) and

     * does not use a pre-configured clock source ('clk' is NULL). */

    rslt = cyhal_timer_init(&timer_obj, NC, NULL);

    if ( rslt == CY_RSLT_SUCCESS)


        /* Apply timer configuration such as period, count direction, run mode, etc. */

        rslt = cyhal_timer_configure(&timer_obj, &timer_cfg);

        if ( rslt == CY_RSLT_SUCCESS)


            rslt = cyhal_timer_set_frequency(&timer_obj, 1000);

            /* Start the timer with the configured settings */

            if ( rslt == CY_RSLT_SUCCESS)


                    /* Assign the ISR to execute on timer interrupt */

                cyhal_timer_register_callback(&timer_obj, isr_timer, NULL);

                /* Set the event on which timer interrupt occurs and enable it */

                cyhal_timer_enable_event(&timer_obj, CYHAL_TIMER_IRQ_TERMINAL_COUNT, 3, true);

                rslt = cyhal_timer_start(&timer_obj);




    return rslt;


When compiling the project I get the following 2 errors (timerISR.cpp is my function above):

[Error] @0,0: L6218E: Undefined symbol cyhal_tcpwm_enable_event(TCPWM_V1_Type*, cyhal_resource_inst_t*, unsigned, unsigned char, bool) (referred from BUILD/CY8CPROTO_062_4343W/ARMC6/timerISR.o).

[Error] @0,0: L6218E: Undefined symbol cyhal_tcpwm_register_callback(cyhal_resource_inst_t*, void(*)(), void*) (referred from BUILD/CY8CPROTO_062_4343W/ARMC6/timerISR.o).

Those functions are defined as follows in cyhal_timer_impl.h:

#define cyhal_timer_register_callback(obj, callback, callback_arg) cyhal_timer_register_callback_internal(obj, callback, callback_arg)


#define cyhal_timer_enable_event(obj, event, intr_priority, enable) cyhal_timer_enable_event_internal(obj, event, intr_priority, enable)

but I can't find the ultimate ..internal() targets anywhere...

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I'm able to reproduce this error. I tried downgrading to mbed-os v5.14 to see if this was a version issue, but the issue persists. I have filed an internal ticket and our software team is evaluating this issue. Will keep you posted on the developments.