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PSoC™ 6

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The PSoC 6 lists 3 XTAL's Core, RTC and BLE, as these take up more or less same board space as the psoc itself, I wonder if there are any ways to omit the bluetooth xtal, i.e. clocking it using the same MHz XTAL used for the core!?

In the hardware guide (AN218241) it simply says 
An external 32 MHz crystal is mandatory for proper BLE operation.


Basically any ways to reduce the number of crystal oscillators is what I'm after. i.e. skipping the ECO and instead rely on a sub 20ppm xtal for BLE and have it on all the time feeding other parts of the system.
...option 2 would be to go for some 3-in-1 mems oscillator at the cost of mems + added power


any ideas?

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The IMO is mainly used for non-BLE application. For BLE application, the external 32MHz crystal and 32KHz WCO is a must. Because the internal clock is not precise enough for the BLE timing requirement. 

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