Why does Secure image protect PERI_GR_PPU_RG_SMPU?

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Hi All,

I am wondering why the Secure image example denies all PCs from the PERI_GR_PPU_RG_SMPU and protects it. SMPU has master structures to protects slave structures.

What does PPU_RG_SMPU protect?

Where can I found deeper documentation to PPU_RG structs? PERI_GR_PPU_RG_SMPU_BASE 0x40201600UL search in both TRMs returns nothing an only mention is in the PDL documentation. From PDL:

Refer to a device-specific header file, e.g. <PDL_DIR>/devices/psoc6/include/cy8c637bzi_bld74.h for the list of block instances available on that device.

Refer to the device TRM for the block register descriptions.

Thank you

Ondrej Pilat

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