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Hi, I am working on a bring up of CYBLE-416045-02, and using the Modus Hello World sample code as template.

My problem is that I can't find any printing from the UART.

While the sample code has init the UART by cy_retarget_io_init and printf the hello world message to UART, then I have connected the UART TX, RX and GND to a FTDI dongle to convert to USB. I supposed the message can be seen through TeraTerm on the specific COM with correct baudrate.

I have checked TeraTerm, the COM is right, baudrate is right.

However, there is nothing printing on TeraTerm, not even any character.

I am very sure the FTDI dongle works properly as I tested it on another device.

Any suggestion?


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Can you archive your project and place it up here for us to test it out?

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