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PSoC™ 6

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Hi community,

I've not been able to connect to my PSoc and this is the warning I got : There was an error running port acquire: PSoC device is not acquired! 

I'm using a CY8CPROTO-063-BLE with the kitprog2.

This is what I tried :

-Updating the kitprog from v2 to v3.

-Reinstalling psoc creator and psoc programmer

-trying on 2 different pc


Thanks for the help,


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Hi @StateraTom ,
Can you let me know the state of the KitProg Status LED (LED 2) (Near to the USB connector).

Can you also try the following steps as your device might be in mass storage programmer mode:

4.1 Enter or Exit the Mass Storage Programmer Mode

Follow these steps to enter or exit the Mass Storage Programmer mode of KitProg:

1. Connect the kit to the PC. Ensure that the Status LED is on and not blinking. Refer to the section on KitProg Status LED Indication for details on the Status LED indications in the KitProg 2 Userguide.

2. Press and hold the reset switch (SW1) of the kit for more than 5 seconds. The Status LED of the kit turns off when the KitProg changes configurations.

3. Release the reset switch on the kit after Status LED has turned off. The KitProg re-enumerates in the alternate configuration. For example, the kit enumerates as Mass Storage Programmer if the previous configuration is KitProg Programmer and Debugger.

Note: The KitProg remains in the selected mode until the user changes the mode manually using the above steps.

You can exit from the "Mass Storage Programming Mode" by above procedure.


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