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PSoC™ 6

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Is there an easy way to setup a project that uses a pre-compiled library (or elf) for the m0p core but compiles and builds the m4 binary and links against the precompiled m0p image? I'm using a PSoC 62 and I'm trying to share a BSP that uses the m0p core exclusively to manage some of the hardware while letting the user program their code on the m4 (there are a few minimal hooks to the m0p via the IPC). It would be nice if I could hide most of the inner workings of the m0p code for simplicity sake.

I thought I read somewhere that some of the Cypress examples do this, but I haven't seen any that do. I'd imagine I could probably do it by tweaking all of the build settings and the post build bat file along with providing a pre-compiled elf for the m0p, just didn't know if there was an easier solution that was meant to be used for this type of circumstance.


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Please refer to the Secure Image project template available at the following location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.x.x\security\secure_image"

Inside this directory, you will find a scripts directory where there are several bat files.

For example, the "secure_image_postbuild.bat" is designed to designed to run after the CM0+ application link step. It performs the following functions:

  • Run the cymcuelftool to export select symbols (as defined in cy_si_export_symbols.txt) to be referenced by the user application.
  • Run the cymcuelftool application signing process for creating a digital signature of the secure image.

Then the file "user_app0_postbuild.bat" is designed to run after the CM4 application link step. The script performs the following functions:

  • Run the cymcuelftool application signing process for creating a digital signature of the user application image.
  • Combine the user application image with the secure image to create a single elf file and a single hex file.

You could use these scripts for getting started and create your own bat scripts for your application. You can learn more about the project here: https://www.cypress.com/file/447981/download


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