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@ll FORTH programmers and those who want to become:

From 17. August to 18. August 2019 is the Maker Faire in Hannover. In this Time will the German FORTH-Gesellschaft show all implementations of Mecrisp-Stellaris-FORTH on PSoC4 and PSoC5*. FORTH is a compiler language with an interpreter and make interactive C possible. You can see the whole workflow to programming PSoC4/5 in FORTH combined with C-API's. For more Information search to 'FORTH' on this page or follow this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mecrisp/files/Cypress/


*Mecrisp-Stellaris-FORTH is available for following Eva-Kits:

Board:                     PSoC:

CY8CKIT-043     -> cy8c4247azi

CY8CKIT-046     -> cy8c4248bzi

CY8CKIT-049     -> cy8c4245axi

CY8CKIT-050     -> cy8c5868axi

CY8CKIT-059     -> cy8c5888lti

FreeSoC2           -> cy8c5888axi

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