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PSoC™ 6

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as long as there is no Silicon available, i would like to start some ideas in the PSoC-Creator. I want to be ready at the time, the first samples are available for me.

I use the actual "PSoC Creator  4.0 Update 1 (". Is there an addon to implement the features of the PSoC6? Or, ist there anything I'm overlooking?

...hoping to start my first PSoC6 Project.....

Best regards,

Martin Kraus

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Hi Martin!

You aren't missing anything. At the moment support for PSoC 6 is not enabled in PSoC Creator, and the PDL is not available. So for the time being, from a customer perspective, software development is still  "theoretical."

From a practical point of view, while moving right along, the entire firmware development process and PDL is a moving target.

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