PSoC 6 only works correctly 1 time after it has been programmed.

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For some reason my PSoC 6 BLE  only operates correctly 1 time after it has been programmed.

If i was to turn it off then turn it back on it again it won't work as it's supposed to, i would have to reprogram it every time i wanted to use it so it would work correctly.

any ideas what's wrong?


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Hello Edwin,

1. Are you using one of our development boards or you custom board ?

2. What is your application and what exactly is failing ? Is it the complete board functionality or certain features in your design ?

3. How are you powering the device and how are you programming the device ?

Best Regards,


Yes, i am using the development board CY8CKIT-062-BLE.

My application for the PSoC is the bring for an autonomous RC car, implementing the Bluetooth function as the initialization for its driving system.

I had the RC car working for several months before but for some reason it no longer works like it used to, I was able to turn off the PSoC, then when i had to turn it back on right away it would work immediately as intended to.

When i initially program the PSoC 6 using PSoC creator all functionality works as they are supposed to, but for some reason when I disconnect power to the PSoC,  and then turn it back on the Bluetooth function that i have no longer responds as it should.

The Bluetooth, when detected is supposed to change LED color depending on alert level selected.

The PSoc is powered by a battery via External power supply connector.




Hi Edwin,

To isolate whether the issue lies in board or the application, please program a blinky project on your board and see whether the LED blinks after power off and on.

If the blinky project works fine, please attach a simple project that recreates your issue so that we can test it at our side.