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I am using both CSD and CSX to sense proximity with our sensor made of elastic carbon composites.  With no environmental change, it will have a sudden downward shift. The shift happens within 5 minutes after booting up, but the exact timing is not predictable. The attached graph shows CSD raw count value on the y-axis and sample points on the x-axis. I am wondering if there is any solution for this. 

Thank you so much!



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Please use IIR filter for Proximity sensing and see if the problem persists.

Can you please share the value of RawCounts under following conditions:

  1. When the hand is far away from the sensor
  2. when the hand is approaching close to the sensor
  3. when the hand is very close to the sensor

Also, Can you use SmartSense to get hold of the parameters and from there you can switch back to manual tuning and fine tune the parameters? Let us know if the problems persists or not

What is the design implementation of the proximity sensor you are using?


Thanks & Regards

Arpit Srivastav