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I have next problem:

I am working on PSoC 6 BLE PIONEER KIT. 1809SO06947. Core SY8C6347BZI-BLD53

I have started work with example dual core blinking from code example. I have generated code, build it programm device. And I don't see any blinking.

If I attach to core 0 using debugger I see that pc=0x00001F2C and if I make step pc doesn't change.

If I set pc 0x10000130 (reset function) core 0 started work (press play). I see blinking all work correctly. I can attach to cor0 and cor4 with debugger.

But as I know blinking should started automaticly after programming the board.

In attachments you can see my project.

Is anyone can help me solve the problem with programm execution starting?

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I programmed the project provided by you on CY8CKIT-062.I am able to see the blinking of Blue and Red  colored glowing of LED5 on kit.

Please check whether the RGB LED is functional on the kit by just toggling it via a simple code.


Thank you for the ansver.

But I can start the programm only if I set programm counter manualy. Is set pc=0x10000130 and press go button.

After reset and connection debugger programm counter = 0x00001F2C. As I understand i'ts SROM area.

Is it possible that some protection eFuse bits are set or SROM corrupted?

How to verify eFuses bits, and check SROM?


If you don't set the PC manually, what is the error that you are getting while trying to program,

Are you able to acquire the CM4 core correctly while trying to program?Are you trying to program using the Kitprog2 available on kit, I hope you have set SW5 and SW7  on CY8CKIT-062 correctly.

Is this issue that you have to set PC for programming is occurring for any other Code Example meant for PSoC6?


I am don't have any errors when I programming the device. Or connect to device.

I have issue after programming - device do nothing.

All programm samples have the same issue.


Can you please send an image of PSoC6 IC on CY8CKIT-062 kit.

Please share the Screenshot of successful build and program for the Code Example (CE)

I checked the hex files generated after build in my system for the CE and the one given by you, they are exactly same

Is this issue is occurring on multiple CY8CKIT-062 kits

Can you try reinstalling Creator from this link:

Are you in contact of any local Cypress FAE or distributor

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Hello in attachments you can find screenshots: - build succses, programm sucsess, debugger conected - build and program sucsess, debugger connected after reinstalling Creator( Behaviour the same.

I don't have contact with local distributors. I bought board directly from USA. But I try to find.