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Just in case someone stumbles on this thread I thought I'd update.

The AN is available and has been for a while, here. In fact been revised once or twice based on customer feedback. A similar app note on how to use ModusToolbox Software and its generated code in an IDE should be published real soon now.

Thanks again for all the input. It helped make a better app note and is appreciated.


As you may have figured out from my posts, my focus here at Cypress for PSoC 6 is on software tools and enablement. To that end, I am writing an app note that explains how to use PSoC Creator generated code in a 3rd party IDE. It will cover PSoC 6 and PDL 3.0 only.

Here's a chance to help make it better. I'd be interested in hearing from the community on what your real-world experience has been like for other PSoC devices. For example, what IDEs have you done this with? What was easy and good? What was troublesome? Did you have a moment where you said "If I had known X, this would have been much easier." If you did, what was X?

I think you get the idea. What was it really like, in the real world, on real code. Your input will help me produce a more useful app note for you.

Here's a very rough outline, top level only.

  • Basic overview of PSoC Creator (very short, documented elsewhere)
  • Basic overview of the PDL (very short, documented elsewhere)
  • Integrating Generated Code (high level, how this works, what choices you have)
  • Exporting and Importing Generated Code for a Supported IDE
  • Manually Importing Generated Code for any IDE
  • Manually Importing Generated Code - an Example (walk through, with screenshots)
  • Other Choices for Using Generated Code

Is there anything else you think should be covered?

Thanks in advance. I'll keep my eye on this thread.

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Michi has posted the draft of the AN. Importing PSoC® Creator Code into an IDE for a PSoC 6 Project

While we still wait on public release of the hardware, this is an in-depth look at how PSoC Creator integrates with the PDL, and how you can:

a) use PSoC Creator to implement the design and get all the initialization code, then

b) use that code in any IDE

Comments and feedback WILL have an impact on the published rev of this document. So let me know what you think.

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I am using Linux and I have therefore exported my PSoC Creator project using the Makefile option. I must admit it is working pretty well, and every thing is pretty straightforward. Big thanks for making this possible !

My main critic will be concerning the post build tool "cypdlelftool" when using the Makefile export for Linux.

The Makefile option is only exporting the Windows version of the tool, and you need to activate the CMSIS option to get the Linux (and OSX) version.

Moreover, I spotted a bug with the Linux version of cypdlelftool: it create a .hex file with Linux line endings (LF), but when you upload that file to the PSoC, it won't boot. I find out it is because it expects Windows line ending (CRLF), so I either use Windows's version with wine, either run unix2dos to convert the file.

Thanks again for the good work that makes possible to use Linux, I really appreciate it !

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll open a ticket on this with the Creator team. Thanks again.

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When you say you upload the hex file to the PSoC, the PSoC won't boot. Can you tell me what software and hardware tool you are using to upload the hex file?



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