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I am working on the CY8CKIT-064S0S2-4343W kit.


As I want to work on peripherals on this device I have tried to import examples from Project Creator 1.40. But there are only 3 examples of this Kit.



Similar board CY8CKIT-064B0S2-4343W has many examples which I can use. Is there a way I can use those examples on the board which I am using? 




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Hi @jayesh_joshi

Yes, as you have observed most of the code examples are still not supported for the CY8CKIT-064S0S2-4343W device. We are working on that and the plan is to add support to this kit in future releases of the code examples.

As a workaround, we can manually add the BSP to the existing code examples. Please follow the below steps - 

1. Import the example that you want to use for the device - CY8CKIT-064B0S2-4343W.

2. Once the device is imported, please open the Library Manager and add the CY8CKIT-064S0S2-4343W and make it the active BSP. This step automatically adds the TF-M library.

3. Please note that the TF-M policies and keys need to be used instead of the default policy and the keys. For that, you will have to copy the TF-M policy from this folder - mtb_shared\trusted-firmware-m\release-v1.3.3\security\policy to the default policy folder (within the application directory) and the keys from this folder - mtb_shared\trusted-firmware-m\release-v1.3.3\security\keys to the default keys folder.

4. Add all the code within this #define in your main.c file. 

You should now be able to use the other examples. 

Hope this helps!

Thanks and Regards,
Rakshith M B