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Hi, I'm using CY8CPROTO-063-BLE with Find me example. I like that after some time the PSOC goes in hibernate status. I understand that from this state can be awakened only using the reset button. 

I would like to make it awake if a device (smartphone) that knows the address tries to connect.

In order to do this, I'm thinking of regularly forcing a reset (every n seconds) on the CY8CPROTO board. Do you have a better way? 

I know that choosing standby instead of hibernating would make it easier, but prefer to use hibernate.

Thank you


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Hi @Stefano-Mazinga 

It is not possible to wake up the device from hibernate mode using BLE because in this mode BLESS will be not active so you will not able to make any connection so in order to use BLE you may need to use  Deepsleep mode.


Thanks & Regards

Pratiksha V