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PSoC™ 6

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Hi All,

I am performing a boot loading operation in PSoC6 using a UART Bootloader. App0 is my Bootloader and App1 is the Application. When the App1 size is small the bootloader is working perfectly fine.  The linker file is attached below.

But when I am boot loading a bigger App1(Around 1000 Blocks) I am getting this error like mentioned below.


> Sent Data Row 992/1003
> Sent Data Row 993/1003
> Sent Data Row 994/1003
> Sent Data Row 995/1003
> Sent Data Row 996/1003
> Sent Data Row 997/1003
> Sent Data Row 998/1003
> Sent Data Row 999/1003
> Sent Data Row 1000/1003
> Sent Data Row 1001/1003
> Sent Data Row 1002/1003
> Sent Data Row 1003/1003
Finished sending the application to target.

Verifying Application...
> The application is NOT valid.
Ending DFU operation.

I have attached the Both working and Nonworking linker files below. Please have a look and let me know if anything is missing in this. 

Due to project privacy, I can't attach the whole project.

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Can you let us know if you are seeing any build errors?

Can you also attach the hex file of the bootloader and cyacd file of the application so that we can verify at our end.