Errors of USBFS Component Issue for PSoC62

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I am beginning a fresh project which uses the USBFS component.

I am using the latet 4.3 PSoc Creator, as well as the latest library 3.1.2.

But I keep on getting this error: The USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0 component in the schematic cannot be found in the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL). Make sure you have the latest PDL installed.

Can anyone help me?

1 Solution

Go to Project > Build Settings > Peripheral Driver Library.

Select Custom and point to PDL 3.1.2 directory.

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Hi DeSi_1418406​,

You can check for the USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0 component in the CyComponentLibrary.cylib folder. You can look for that by following this file path (image attached below) -


Also, in case you do not find the component there, look for the component installer in the PSoC Creator 4.3 by following Tool-> Find New Components. You can find update for the USB component there.

Please try the above methods and let us know if you are facing the issue again.

Best Regards,



Hi Aashita,

I did the "Tool-> Find New Components" and it said there were none.

I uninstalled Creator 4.2 and 4.3 as well as PDL 2.01, 3.01, 3.03, 3.04, 3.1.0, 3.1.1 and 3.1.2.

I then re-installed Creator 4.3 which installed PDL 3.1.0.

I then installed 3.1.2 and compiled my design.

The compiler complained that 3.0.3 was not installed.

I then installed 3.0.3, and got:

-- TopDesign.csych: The PDL driver is incompatible with the Scan_ADC_v3_10

-- TopDesign.csych: The USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0 component in the schematic cannot be found in the PDL.

-- TopDesign.csych: The bIncludeDriverToComponent_v1_0 in the schematic cannot be found in the PDL.

-- USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0.cysch: The bIncludeDriverToComponent_v1_0 ... cannot be found in the PDL.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.3\PSoC Creator\psoc\content\CyComponentLibrary\CyComponentLibrary.cylib\USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0


26-Jun-2020 11:20:14a <DIR>     API

  29-Aug-2019  11:22:34a 15,660   USBFS_DEV_PDL.c

  29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a 8,705   USBFS_DEV_PDL.h

  29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a 824   USBFS_DEV_PDL_cfg.c

  29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a 1,005   USBFS_DEV_PDL_cfg.h

26-Jun-2020 11:20:48a <DIR>     Custom

26-Jun-2020  11:20:40a <DIR>     PSoC6

  26-Jun-2020 11:20:44a <DIR>     API

  29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a        131,298 USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0.cysch

29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a 1,587   USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0.cystate

29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a        104,847 USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0.cysym

29-Aug-2019 11:22:34a        351,139 USBFS_DEV_PDL_v1_0.pdf

I copied API directory into the empty PSoC6/API with no improvement.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.3\PSoC Creator\psoc\content\CyComponentLibrary\CyComponentLibrary.cylib\Scan_ADC_v3_10


26-Jun-2020 11:20:32a <DIR>     PSoC4

26-Jun-2020 11:20:20a <DIR>     PSoC6

  26-Jun-2020 11:20:44a <DIR>     API

    29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a         16,763 Scan_ADC.c

    29-Aug-2019  11:22:24a 64,925   Scan_ADC.h

    29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a 9,018   Scan_ADC_INIT.c

    29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a 4,073   Scan_ADC_INT.c

    29-Aug-2019  11:22:24a 2,742   Scan_ADC_PM.c

  29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a      1,325,516 Scan_ADC_v3_10.cysch

29-Aug-2019  11:22:24a 1,013,887   Scan_ADC_P6_v3_10.pdf

29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a 1,734   Scan_ADC_v3_10.cystate

29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a        230,676 Scan_ADC_v3_10.cysym

29-Aug-2019 11:22:24a        906,752 Scan_ADC_v3_10.dll

29-Aug-2019  11:22:24a 1,029,649   Scan_ADC_v3_10.pdf

Any thoughts?


Go to Project > Build Settings > Peripheral Driver Library.

Select Custom and point to PDL 3.1.2 directory.

That did it,

Thank you!