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Hello everyone,

Our partner Digi-Key recently posted a very interesting technical article discussing the IoT's role in future (and current) horticulture applications. The article features our PSoC 6 MCU, as well as solutions from SparkFun and Wurth that come together to build an ideal prototyping platform for engineers trying to implement connectivity, intelligence, and advanced processing capability in horticulture applications quickly and easily.

Read Full Article at Digi-Key!

Purchase the PSoC 6 SparkFun Platform  discussed in this article from Digi-Key here!

Abstract: In horticulture, the Internet of things (IoT) can play a key role in both monitoring and ensuring plant health using a combination of sensors and specialized horticulture LEDs. However, adapting and implementing the right IoT computing platform with the required peripherals, sensors, LEDs, and connectivity options can be time consuming and put both budgets and schedules at risk.

To reduce this risk, a combination of board and device solutions from Cypress Semiconductor, SparkFun Electronics, and Wurth Electronics, among other components, can be used to greatly simplify the design process while at the same time allow the rapid development of sophisticated greenhouse control systems.

This article will explore the relationship between LEDs and plant health before introducing and describing these solutions, and how to use them together.




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