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PSoC™ 6

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I am using basic project "002-16767_CE216767" for over the air programming, it works fine with CySmart PC app, but when I am using CySmart android app for OTA , the app is unable to find '.cyacd2' file hence I am unable to upload using android app while using PSoC6.

OTA programming works fine while using PSoC4 BLE , since '.cyacd' file is created in case of PSoC4 BLE and CySmart android app is able to detect this file.

I want to demonstrate over the air programming of PSoC6 using CySmart android app , please help.

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Apologies for the inconvenience. CYACD2 format for PSoC 6 will be supported in next release of CySmart android application. This has been tentatively scheduled for Q418.

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