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Hi All

I have designed a circuit using a CYBLE 416045-02 module but when I tested my fabricated board,  it did not respond to Bluetooth, I tried to test it with the  "find me" example, and no response

My board can communicate through a USB-SERIAL chip to Tera term and also I can program using miniprog programmer (SWD) pins.

I have attached part of the circuit if anyone can help on this issue thank you in advance

power is provided by 3.3 V,  The power to the chip goes through a jumper hence different naming

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Hi @TinasheChamu 

I will review your design and get back to you asap.


Thanks & Regards

Pratiksha V

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Any news ?

My PhD student need some help !

Please try to help him !


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Hello @dourc_264766 

It is recommended to use the WCO crystal if you enabled the BLE Low-Power Mode in the BLE component. WCO must be selected as the LFCLK source in the Design-Wide Resources Clock Editor. The device port pin P0.0 and P0.1 can be used for wco_in and wco_out respectively. From your schematic files, i didn't see the WCO Crystal used.
Please let me know the Clock configuration settings in the DWR clock Editor. In the FindMe code example, by default WCO will be enabled as LFCLK source so you can either change to PILO clock and check or disable the BLE Low-power mode in the BLE component and check your application.
Note: It is not recommended to use the PILO clock for the BLE low power application. For more information, please refer to the BLE component datasheet and BLE_PDL documentation (Right click on the BLE Component to find the datasheets).

P Yugandhar.