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I'm still working on trying to get my DFU working on a CYBLE-416045-02 module. The system seems to work with CySmart all the way up to when the newly downloaded program is supposed to start. I have traced it through the boot loader to where it is supposed to start APP1, but then the program goes to la-la land, never to return.

The attached code is a stripped down version of my real code (which is much much larger). But it still has the ram and rom allocations in the dfu_cm*.ld files that my real program uses. I suspect that I have something slightly wrong in those files, but as best I can tell they seem to be correct for my code which needs much more room than the default ram and rom allocations.

I have been trying to get this to work off and on for several months now without success and I am now starting to get desperate. If anybody can spot the error that is killing me I will be greatly in his/her debt.


Ed H.

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Actually, the issue cause could not be found out just from the project files/ld files, without integrated HW debugging.

My suggestion is just run the basic DFU demo, attached in last reply, on your platform, to check if it's working. This may require some additional logic code. If yes, then you can add the code,or change the ld files according to your application requirements to the project.

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