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Hi there,

Recently we are trying to develop a prototype using the CY8CMOD-062S2-43012, once we downloaded the hardware info, we realized that there is no pin diagram for the carrier module footprint, in that sense, we don't know what's pin number 1 so we are tempted to follow the standard pin distribution, just like the CY8CMOD-062S2-4343W ( Schematics can be found https://www.cypress.com/file/457816/download) as shown in sheet 7.  So, we would like to have a confirmation on which one is the pin 1 in this module because the schematic for it does not show the pin arrangement for the castellated pads, and the info is not present in the gerbers files as it is for the 4343W module.

Any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks,


Ernesto G.

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The layout file for CY8CMOD-062S2-43012 is available in CY8CMOD-062S2-43012 Hardware.zip and the layout file for baseboard is available in CYW9-BASE-01 Hardware.zip. Refer CY8CMOD-062S2-43012 layout file for pin details and the CYW9-BASE-01 baseboard layout for the module footprint details.

We consider adding the module mechanical and footprint details to the module HW files in next release. 

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