Build failure after integrating AnyCloud_OTA_Using_HTTPS with AnyCloud_MQTT_Client

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I am working on OTA integration to the main application project and with this I am facing build errors.

In the existing workspace we have Bootloader project, OTA HTTPS project and AnyCloud_MQTT_Client/Main application project, please note that all the standalone projects are working fine. 

When we try to integrate OTA code to the AnyCloud_MQTT_Client/Main application project, for that we copied the OTA source files to the source folder and config files to the configs folder of the AnyCloud_MQTT_Client project and also modified the Makefile.

After these changes when we try to build the project, we are facing the following errors. 

13:10:39 ** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project AnyCloud_MQTT_Client **

"C:\\Users\\USER\\ModusToolbox\\tools_2.3\\modus-shell\\bin\\make" CY_MAKE_IDE=eclipse CY_MAKE_IDE_VERSION=2.2 CY_IDE_TOOLS_DIR=C:/Users/USER/ModusToolbox/tools_2.3 -j4 all

Tools Directory: C:/Users/USER/ModusToolbox/tools_2.3 ./libs/TARGET_CY8CKIT-062S2-43012/

C:/Users/USER/ModusToolbox/tools_2.3/make/ * Build support for the target device not found. Run "make getlibs" to ensure all required build and code dependencies are present..  Stop.

"C:/Users/USER/ModusToolbox/tools_2.3/modus-shell/bin/make CY_MAKE_IDE=eclipse CY_MAKE_IDE_VERSION=2.2 CY_IDE_TOOLS_DIR=C:/Users/USER/ModusToolbox/tools_2.3 -j4 all" terminated with exit code 2. Build might be incomplete.


13:10:41 Build Failed. 1 errors, 0 warnings. (took 2s.468ms)


​Please find attached the modified makefile and request you to help us to resolve the issue.


Binsy M S

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The discussion will be continued in the other thread which was created.