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Hello Team Infineon,

I am here to ask for your recommendation on
the best  dev kit or Evaluation Board that comes with touchscreen kit or
Infineon MCU that can control 3.98 inch LCD touchscreen and more features,
in order to develop touch screen device.


kit / MCU Specifications in need :

-supports LCD : 3.98 inch, 320X480, RGB, 40pin 
(client considers ILI9488, a-Si TFT LCD single chip driver : https://focuslcds.com/content/ILI9488.pdf )

-supports 2D graphics acceleration

-supports single touch feature (capacitive)

-supports PWM controllers for buzzer feature for audio

-better than Arm Cortex-M0+
-32-bit MCU
-6x USART, timers
-comm. I/Fs
-RAM size : 144kB or better
-Flash size : 256kB or 512kB
-compatible to use NAND flash of size 4~8MB
(in order for the device to support user interface in
three different languages(Korean, Chinese, English))

-preferably has easy development environment to develop the LCD touchscreen device.


The client was considering the following ST-micro MCU before,
because of its simple guidance to the sample project guide.

If you can recommend MCU or/and evaluation board that can support above feature with design guidance for LCD touch device project, that would be greatly appreciated to share it with the client.

As always, thank you for your considerations to help and bring our business forward.


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Hi Hoop4G,

there are some TFT development kits backdated to 2020 but also 2021 available.




I think those are the kits that you've already been found.

The TFT kit from Infineon is quite convenient as well.


For the Aurix and XMC devices a Pocket Guide is available.


I am afraid there is no further ready to go solution than above mentioned kits.

If you just compare the controller packages inside the pocket guide with the STM, then you would easily find an equivalent or a better one. In terms of your display you should use one of those kits as a template or define your own application. If your display comes with certain interfaces, you could just serve them by their needs. For example parallel RGB interfaces needs to be clocked first and read out with respect to the pixel clock. Other interface types have other requirements, which surly needs to be addressed. Some drivers as you've mentioned, have those capabilities. But as I've wrote in the AURIX chat, you could also just use a FPGA like the one on the AURIX-TFT kit. You need further a touch controller, where you can get the finger positions all the time. Some displays are ready to go, some are not. Your language capabilities need to be placed somewhere in memory and be allocated from software whether in your micro or inside the FPGA. Remember, putting display stuff out of the micro will safe huge amount of processing time. 

If your device is supposed to be used in a medical context, you should probably consider having a micro which is Functional Safety ready by design. The AURIX devices would then be the best choice. If not you could go with all the others from IFX portfolio as well, as long as they fulfill the micro requirements which you've mentioned.

If you would ask me about a suggestion, I would go with the following solution:

Micro: TC3XX (AURIX)
Display: whatever want
Display and Memory Driver: FPGA
Memory: what your application needs

Maybe I forgot something. But this is essentially what I would recommend to do. But the thing here is that normally your local sales representative has much more to provide. If you would tell us the location, we could go ahead and look for the nearest possible representative available.

Hopefully that helps.



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