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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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I am trying to do a filtering process on psoc5. I did lots of thing but with small issue I turn back the basic form of the project. I tried to solve problem myself but I couldn't understand the reason of the problem. 


Here I am doing with ping pong dma and send datas to sd card with emfile. When I writing the datas to sdcard I am writing an array after that I am doing a shift operation (just for try to solve problem. I will use the results after.)  Like this code. 


                FS_Write(pFile, (uint8*)filteredDataP0, (NO_OF_SAMPLES*2));
                    filteredDataP0 = filteredDataP0 >> 7;


But in graph (you can see in attachments) , I wouldn't think to see shift operation results. But there are. 


Firstly, I thought about the clear the isr flag, but it seems clearly that clear isr isn't needed.


Do you have any idea about the this problem.





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