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A quick question regarding the ADC SAR Component on the PSoC5:

I am using the ADC_SAR in single shot 8-bit mode to take a reading every 8mS.  I am using the internal ISR of the ADC_SAR to detect the end of a conversion and read the value.  If I am detecting EoC in this fashion, is the call to IsEndConversion() still required/recommended?  It seems like it would be redundant, since when the ISR fires that alone would confirm that the conversion is done.

Thanks in advance for the clarification!

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I am fairly new to the PSOC, but I am using the ADC_SAR as you describe.  I am using the eoc output to trigger a DMA memory transfer of the converted data.  I am not making any calls to the IsEndConversion().  I don't believe it will be required for you.

Thanks, I think you're right, it's not strictly required.  My biggest concern was that there is possibly a register state or bit that would maybe need to be cleared on read of a status register in IsEndConversion(), but it appears that is not the case.  I was more wondering if it was still considered "Best Practice" with this ADC_SAR component to make that call anyway to ensure the component is in the correct state for the next read.