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We developed an electronic device based on CY8C5868AXI-LP035, in which we used a USBUART block.

we used the generated driver to recognize the device in windows,

Our device and PC application worked fine on many different windows machines (windows7 (32/64 bits), windows10 (32/64 bits)).

But, recently we noticed that on some windows computers the device is not well detected, these computers continue on (connecting and disconnecting) the device.

the same device is detected and well recognised on other computers.

we found this problem on 2 computers:

Dell optiplex with Windows 7

other unknown computer with windows 8

do you have any idea, what might be the problem?

thanks in advance


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I add that our device is not supplied from USB.

The solutions tested and didn't work are:

- Verifying that "Allow PC to turn off this device" in power management is unchecked.

- updating the bios

Best regards



Hi Oussama,

IMHO there could be several points causing this. For example, it might be a difference of USB host controllers between the working/non-working PCs. This can result in timing problems. However, this is just one of many assumptions. Another thing might be electromagnetical influence on the USB lines, etc.

1) Have you checked the USB lines with a scope on both working and non-working PCs?

2) Are the devices connected directly to the PC in both cases or is there a hub in between? Try the other case vice versa (with a powered USB hub).